Both long paper (eight (8) pages with unlimited reference) and short paper (four (4) pages with unlimited reference) are welcomed for submission! Supplementary and appendices (either as separate files or appended after the main submission) are NOT allowed.

For the workshop this year, we are experimenting with a new reviewing model, where reviews and review quality ratings (link to the questionnaire for reviewers, link to the questionnaire for authors) will be collected for a research project (by Northeastern University and OpenReview) on peer review quality analysis.

To achieve this goal, two review systems will be used: START and OpenReview. Here is a quick breakdown of the process:

  • Authors upload the initial submission to BOTH systems (START and OpenReview) by paper submission deadline.
  • Reviewers and PCs post reviews and acceptance decisions on OpenReview, to allow data collection via a customized web interface. We follow the standard double-blind policy, and the submissions and reviews will never be visible to the public, except to authors, reviewers, and PCs.
  • Authors upload the camera-ready version to START, to facilitate the production of EMNLP workshop proceedings.

All collected data (anonymous reviews and review quality ratings, not including submissions) will be used for research purpose only, and we may release the dataset to the broader research community in the future (at least 6 months after the decisions are made). Authors are encouraged, but not required, to provide review quality ratings. Authors have the right to exclude data associated with their submission from the released dataset (can be indicated upon submission). Here is a sample of data to be collected from authors, and from reviewers.

If you have any concern or question, please do not hesitate to contact Lu Wang at

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