Call For Papers

Both long paper (eight (8) pages with unlimited reference) and short paper (four (4) pages with unlimited reference) are welcomed for submission! The reviewing process will be double-blind, and the submissions should not include the authors’ names or affiliations. Please use the EMNLP 2019 style templates. Supplementary and appendices (either as separate files or appended after the main submission) are NOT allowed.

A list of topics relevant to this workshop (but not limited to):

  • Abstractive and extractive summarization
  • Language generation
  • Multiple text genres (News, tweets, product reviews, meeting conversations, forums, lectures, student feedback, emails, medical records, books, research articles, etc)
  • Multimodal Input: Information integration and aggregation across multiple modalities (text, speech, image, video)
  • Multimodal Output: Summarization and visualization + interactive exploration
  • Tailoring summaries to user queries or interests
  • Semantic aspects of summarization (e.g. semantic representation, inference, validity)
  • Development of new algorithms
  • Development of new datasets and annotations
  • Development of new evaluation metrics
  • Cognitive or psycholinguistic aspects of summarization and visualization (e.g. perceived readability, usability, etc)